Australian Off Road Racing Association

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The Australian Off Road Management Group held its’ inaugural meeting of the full caretaker board on Monday 30th January at which a resolution was passed to change the name from the working title of Australian Off Road Management Group (AORMG) to what

Due process to set up and register the incorporated association with the relevant agencies and branding avenues have taken a few weeks but have now been secured. “Now that ‘Australian Off Road Racing Association’ and the acronym ‘AORRA’ have been trademarked, we can formally announce the finalisation of the name to the off road racing community” explained Chris Western.

Hot off the press today is the new AORRA logo produced by Randall Kilner of Dirtcomp Magazine. “Randall has done a great job with the logo is such a short time frame. It’s not easy designing for a committee and he’s taken all the ideas on board and come up with a fresh, professional, clean and appropriate look for AORRA” Chris Western added.

AORRA also moved that online competition number registration will open shortly with a fee of $40 payable on registration. Registering a competition number with
AORRA will give the competitor security to that number at AASA sanctioned events. Teams that can provide evidence of a previously registered number from 2016 or registered before 14th February
2017 will be given first rights to such number under AORRA until the 6th March 2017. As numbers are processed, a list will be made public, however some numbers may remain pending until
6th March 2017 if not previously registered.

Chris Western continued “future proofing was another key discussion point for the group and that we can’t plan for a future without acknowledging where we’ve been. As a board of likeminded offroaders, we fully understand that Australian off road racing has a history; it has a past. Some of the board members were there in the very early stages to create that legacy, others were toddlers watching their parents race. The intention from the outset has not been to diminish the roots of the sport, but to honour and embrace them. History, and in particular all past champions, are not only written into the record books, into the various Halls of Fame and on trophies, but they’re in every offroaders heart and soul and to do anything but recognise that, would go against the great sporting nature of off road racing. Any sport has a history and AORRA plans to honour and recognise that.”

The first AORRA endorsed AASA sanctioned event which is also the first round of the ARB Australian Off Road Racing Series, the ARB Town and Country Tires Stackpoole 400 is scheduled for the 18th -19th March. All the volunteers of AORRA, the ARB Australian Off Road Racing Series and the Griffith Off Road Club in conjunction with AASA are working tirelessly to ensure that the event lives up to its rich off road history and makes a statement to the future.

“The volunteers behind AORRA have had a busy year so far. We were reinvigorated after the Sea Lake club meeting and their positive vote to move to AASA. It reinforced that we were on the right track. Having said that, any member of the committee, and in particular myself, is more than happy to attend club meetings or state information sessions to give everyone the opportunity to have the correct information put to them. Members of AORRA and AASA were present at Sea Lake as on Saturday, and the general feedback was that the information presented helped the members make an informed decisions. We want to put a stop to the misinformation. I’m more than happy for offroaders to call me on 0409 225 759 or to talk through any issues they may have" said Chris