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Sunraysia 600 Update

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The countdown is on with just 38 days until the opening round of the 2016 CAMS Australian Off Road Championship, the Sunraysia 600.

The supplementary regulations have been through the official approval process and now published [click here]

Entries for the Sunraysia 600 open at 12:01am Tuesday 1st March 2016. There is a maximum field size of 100, with entries in excess of 100 added to a waiting list. The organisers, the Sunraysia Motorsport Club, are anticipating and well prepared for an early influx of nominations as teams vie to secure their position in the line-up.

The Sunraysia Motorsports Car Club have been working tirelessly since last years’ event, and along with track and venue tweaks, there are several new innovations in the planning stages, but with final approvals still pending, more information will be announced as it becomes available.

The format for the event will be unchanged from 2015; 6 laps of the 100km course through the rough and tumble of Keera station. 2 laps will be contested on Saturday following the 10km prologue, with a further 4 laps on Sunday separated by a 45 minute compulsory service break after the second lap.

There is also the option for a non-compulsory 15minute refuel break between laps 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6 for those teams unable to complete 200km with their on board fuel supply.

Camping will be available at the track along with full catering. Scrutiny will be held in Mildura on Friday afternoon/night with all competition vehicles to be assembled on display by 3:30pm. Introducing a new concept, the scrutiny teams will go to each vehicle to perform the scrutiny, therefore, leaving the entire field on public display with no car movement. More details on the process will be available closer to the event.

With the CAMS Australian Off Road Championship reverting to three rounds for the 21016 season, the off road grapevine has participation numbers at a possible record high for the Sunraysia 600.

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