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Camping at the track

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Camping is permitted at the track. A camping fee of $20 per person for the duration of the weekend applies. Children under 16 are free.


Glass is not permitted at the event at the request of the owner.


Dogs are not permitted at the event as this is a functioning station.


No fireworks are permitted at the event.


We ask that if you have a camp fire that they are monitored carefully and fully extinguished when finished with.


Please dispose of your rubbish and recycling in the bins provided.

Thoughtfulness for others

We hope that you have an enjoyable weekend but ask that you be aware of your surroundings. Other campers close by may not enjoy your choice of music, coarse language or certain types of behavior so please be considerate.

Property Owners

The land you are camping on during the event is a privately owned station. We are exceptionally grateful to the station owner, and need to respect the fact he has allowed us to use Keera Station.


In autumn the days are warm and the evenings chilly. Lighter clothing is recommended during the day and some warmer clothes for evenings.

No misconduct will be tolerated……

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